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re:using PGP only for digital signatures

  I am in a discussion (during the week) with a system administrator 
about seeing if we can just make PGP publically available to everyone, 
but now the discussion seems to be to just allow PGP to do digital 
signatures, and I don't think that is the best choice, then.  They are 
not against PGP being used, but there are legal issues as to whether they 
can offer it to everyone, as some students are international students, 
and are not allowed to use the version for the US, or so I have been 
informed, so now I need to see if we can have the international version, 
so these students can use it. :(
  Is there any good programs (for the Unix, SunOS) that just does digital 
signature encryption?  What they are trying to do is make certain that no 
one can send a message to anyone, claim to be in the faculty, and cause 
problems that way.  My position is just a student programmer, but I am 
trying to learn as much as I can, to answer questions and deal with problems.

James Black
[email protected]