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Re: on topic!!

At 02:17 PM 11/4/95 -0800, VZNuri wrote:
>if there were two key elements here, these conversations would probably
>largely go away (instead of continually reappear)
>- an unambiguous charter
>- an active moderator
>unfortunately I suspect that a moderator does exist but he "prefers
>to remain anonymous" ("pseudonymous"?). imho that is precisely 
>how *not* to succeed as a moderator.

As an alternative, there was the Cypherwonks list, which worked just that
way, and such conversations did rapidly go away :-)
What's evolved here instead are a couple of filtered lists,
such as cp-lite, where you can get the conversations that
one or another monitor considers relevant instead of the whole firehose.
It seems to work reasonably well for a lot of people.
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