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Re: The Crypto Applications we would rather not talk about

At 2:00 AM 11/5/95, Nathan Loofbourrow wrote:

> >     The answers are there and have been published
> > in most books on tradecraft, 3 person cells organized
> > as pyramids.
>I've read only fictional accounts about the 3-person cell. Any
>pointers to nonfiction material? "Tradecraft" didn't seem to be the
>magic keyword in the local card catalog.

It's easy to work out the relationships from first principles...I'm not
sure what a book would add to your understanding.

I suspect Kahn's "The Codebreakers" contains at least a brief mention of
cell organizations, thought that was not Kahn's focus.

Or, look at any of the various books on Soviet spy rings in the U.S., or
various spy rings in WW II. For example, I think the true-life book "I Led
Three Lives" might still be available--it was the basis of a t.v. show I
used to watch in the early 60s. (The t.v. show presumably went to the same
Politically Incorrect resting place as "Amos and Andy," mourned by
Sapphire, The Kingfish, and me.)


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