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Re: lp (

On Sun, 5 Nov 1995, Anonymous wrote:

> >  Notice that both messages went through an unnamed site -- and
> >  then a strangely-named site, "lp (" -- then through the same
> >  Vienna, Virginia (USA) site ... and thereafter, on to their destination.
> >  I.e., the second message went through Virginia to get from Switzerland to
> >  Israel.
> >  
> >  The whois servers at the InterNIC and at nic.ddn.mil for MILNET Information
> >  report, ``No match for "". '' and `` No match for
> >  "".''

Yes, you've finally cottoned on to the secret NSA routing trick to 
cleverly tap all traffic. Really clever the way they use two hosts in the 
132.222 Class B network. Strange that traffic from EUNET should be using 
that network, especially since it happens to be listed in the whois 
database as being NET-EUNET-X25.

::chivalry:ses$ whois -h rs.internic.net 134.222
::European Unix Users Group (NET-EUNET-X25)
::   Kruislaan 413
::   NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam