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Re: using pgp to make an otp

amp writes:
> i want a source of data for use as a otp. i don't want to have to
> hook up any external devices to my pc to do it. (although some of the
> methods mentioned in the past few days are quite interesting.) 
> i'd like to know if there was a reason not to use the output of pgp
> to do it.

Yes. What you have then is just an elaborate cipher that is not a one
time pad. For it to be a one time pad, the numbers must be truly
random and generated only once, period.

> i would think that the output of pgp should be pretty darn random.

If PGP is good enough for use as a source for cipher keying material,
then you needn't use it as a one time pad -- just use PGP directly. If
PGP isn't good enough, it certainly isn't good enough for use as
cipher keying material. In either case, it is NOT NOT NOT a one time
pad if it isn't truly random numbers -- that means physically random.