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Re: Telephone switch capacity -Reply

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Lucky Green wrote:

> At 18:43 11/3/95, Rich Graves wrote:
> >[about the FBI supposedly wanting the ability to tap 1% of all phones in
> >the US simultaneously]
> [...]
> >Of course the FBI doesn't have the staff to listen to all these lines, and
> >they need an individual court order to authorize each individual
> >interception, so this numbers game is a bit of a joke.
> One more time. Despite what you read in the papers, despite what most
> people - even in the legal profession - believe, telephone wiretaps do
> _not_ require a court order. They haven't required a court order in over a
> year. The Digital Telephony Bill, which passed Congress by an overwhelming
> margin, _explicitly_ allows for wiretap authorizations other than a court
> order. The law does not impose any rules for these "other forms of
> authorization".
> "The captain signed it off" may suffice.

And Clinton issued an executive order allowing Janet Reno (or her 
designees, I believe) to approve wiretaps.


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