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Re: Credentials Without Identity

Timothy C. May writes:
> (And as a measure of how apologetic some folks are getting about discussing
> anything not on Perry's List of Approved Topics,
> In fact, the issue of credentials
> and identity is NOT off-topic, not even semi-off-topic. It is central to
> the themes of our list. I urge all to read Chaum's seminal work on
> "credentials without identity.")

I've repeatedly stated, Tim, that my problem is with junk, not with
stuff on list charter. You can claim anything you like about my
statements, but it won't be true. Any statement to the effect that I'm
against discussion of anonymous credentials is a "big lie" -- an
attempt to distort what I have said by being sufficiently outrageous.

Repeating, I am troubled by people posting stuff about whether
roadways should be privatized -- I am perfectly happy with discussion
of Chaumian anonymous credentials. My problem is with people who think
this is Libernet, or Waconet, or Fosternet, or IBM MicroKernel net, or
Internet Investing Net, or what have you. I also find the beating of
dead horses unfortunate, but I never complain about it since its
usually technically on topic.

Now, Tim, if you feel people should be able to post their questions
about system administration of Unix boxes here, as in fact happened
only last week, please speak up.