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Re: Keyed-MD5, and HTTP-NG

Someone adopting Detweilers style writes:
> Hmmm, I guess (as usual) people weren't keeping up with the drafts.  It 
> really makes some of us outsiders wonder what the IETF actually does in 
> its gilded white towers.

Just so that people understand this is a Detweiler troll, and an
attempt by him to start up a flame war/fight.

The IETF is perhaps the single easiest technical standards
organization in the world to participate in. You join the mailing list
for any working group and you are as full a member as you can be. Show
up at any IETF meeting, and you are a full participant. All
discussions occur in the open, are posted on line, most meetings are
broadcast worldwide on the MBONE. All drafts are public, all documents
are free.

Detweiler of course knows this, but would like us to argue with him,
and hopefully with each other.