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Re: [NOISE] DejaNews all over again--a URL for Usenet Searching

At 5:49 PM 11/6/95, Peter Trei wrote:
>> I usually avoid passing on URLs of interesting sites, in the name of
>> conserving bandwidth (*), but this one really has me jazzed:
>> http://dejanews.com/
>> It allows searching of Usenet archives (a few months' worth, from what I
>> can see).
>Unfortunately, it does not archive alt, soc, talk,  or *.binaries (the
>latter is
>probably a blessing). Specialized news grepping is still useful - see
>http://www.iii.net/users/trei/usenet.html for an example.

excite Netsearch (http://www.excite.com/) indexes all or part of alt, soc,
and talk groups. (I say "all or part" because I obviously cannot verify
that it indexes all posts to these groups just by verifying that it indexes
at least _some_ posts in these groups.)

It even indexes the *.binaries.* groups, as I just learned.

(Paul Robichaux told me about the http://www.excite.com/ URL.)

--Tim May

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