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Re: Exporting software doesn't mean exporting (was: Re: lp ?)

[email protected] writes:
> One of the many problems in Perry's approach is that an international treaty
> is in essence a contract between governments.

Were that the case, citizens couldn't sue to have provisions impacting
them enforced, but the fact of the matter is that they can.

> Perry's somewhat offensive language is not a substitute for an argument.

Thank you for the ad hominem.

> I think I would take Perry's disbelief that a person is a lawyer becuse
> he disagrees with him as reflecting more on Perry than anyone else.

I'm not entirely sure that the international telecoms treaties cover
this, but both the gentleman I was conversing with and I appeared to
have assumed for purposes of discussion that they did. Given that, the
notion that international telecoms treaties are superceeded by the
ITARs does indeed give one pause to wonder.