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Re: Exporting software doesn't mean exporting

On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, Oliver Huf wrote:

> It's inherent. You simply can't apply US-law to non-US-citizens outside
> the U.S.!  

Well, also (?) the Exxon bill tries to do just that.

If you put up 'indecent' material at your .de site that persons in the
US can ftp or browse or whatever, and the Exxon bill passes, you can
be sentenced to (at least) 2 years jail in the US. Presumably, since
they don't think you are as important as the infamous ex Panama
president, they won't come and get you, but might meet you at the
airport if you ever plan to visit the US. (They will not try to
get you sentenced in a German court since you haven't committed any
crime in Germany, and the German Government will probably not
extradite you - I'm not familiar with German extradition laws, though.)

With only one military superpower left we can expect it's jurisdiction
to expand as it seems fit.