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Re: Crypto++, Cpunk Icons, list noise

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995 [email protected] wrote:

>> And as the messenger, I (hope) I don't have anything to fear, from the
>> NSA or any other foreign group that would seek to pursue its own agenda
>> within the borders of sovereign Canada.  I really don't think that the
>> NSA is "evil incarnate", as some list subscribers do.  They have their
>> intelligence and know how to use it.  Usually, they use it prudently.
>They have a nice friend (the author of Spyworld would say outpost)
>right here in Ottawa at the Communications Security Establishment.

Yes.  I'm well aware of where I can find an Operations Officer, if I need
to.  Locally, in fact.  Don't really have to go to Ottawa, for that. 

(Wrong guess, btw ...)

>They (CSE) seem to have done some recent spying on the opposition
>parties and Quebec separatists (so I vaguely recall having read in
>several places. 

Yes.  At least in this part of the country, we're relatively ho-hum (big
yawn) about scouts and scouting.  Part of the territory, I guess. 

We're Canadian.  We're civilized about these things.

>If you're ever in town, they're just a bit past Carleton U. on Heron. 
>(it doesn't say CSE on the signs, but the guy at the gate will tell you so)


Personally, I'm much more interested in the Museum of Civilization.

Alice de 'nonymous ...

                                  ...just another one of those...

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