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Re: Photuris Primality verification needed

>Hilarie Orman posted that 512-bits only gives an order of 56-bits
>strength, 1024-bits yeilds 80-bits strength, and 2048 yields 112-bits
>strength.  I do not have the facilities to verify her numbers.

>As most of us agree that 56-bits is not enough (DES), the 512-bit prime
>seems a waste of time and a tempting target.  I'd like to drop it, but
>Phil is inclined to keep it with a disclaimer.

Well, since we already require 56-bit DES in ESP in the interests of
promoting basic interoperability, wouldn't a 512-bit prime be
similarly sufficient?

Again, I'm *not* going to recommend that people use it, only provide it
for those who simply cannot use larger moduli for whatever reason (export
controls or CPU limits).