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Re: DejaNews all over again

[email protected] writes:
[re: http://dejanews.com]
> Having said that, I'm greatly looking forward to the impending addition
> of the alt.* groups to their archives. Everyone is indeed a Kibo now,
> and the general public has become more aware of the need for reputations
> as a result.

They now have some alt.*. They've got my rmgroup of 
alt.wild.sex.with.cute.nonAIDSinfected.interesting.sonsofbitches, which 
suggests they've done a pretty thorough job for some time period.

As others have noted, this has clearly been coming for a long time. 
Pseudonymous accounts like Community Connexion's are a partial solution. But
I expect an expansion of the market for strongly pseudonymous mail aliases,
providing fewer services for cheaper rates. It's not enough just to separate 
your True Name (verinym) from your name on the net. Many will want to use 
tentacles (*), er, separate pseudonyms for discussions in different parts of 
the net. After all, I might not want the c'punks to hear about my past life as
a control freak (pun intended) in alt.config. Just a reminder....

-L. Futplex McCarthy  Remailer Feedback Page: 

(*) Speaking of tentacles, Dejanews reveals that my name is on the long list
of people whose signatures have been appropriated by Detweiler ;)