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Re: Exporting software doesn't mean exporting

Adam Shostack <[email protected]> said:

AS> 	Thus, if the user in Italy has no reason to expect that their
AS> mail to Germany will traverse the US, then I suspect that the US
AS> would have a hard time proving any criminal act.  Doesn't a criminal
AS> act require intent of some type?  If IP routing, in conjunction with
AS> SMTP, beyond the control of the users, ships packets through the US,
AS> I have a hard time believing that that makes those users criminals.

	IANAL, but if they have the intent to transfer cryptographic
software, and can 'reasonably' (wonderful precision there) be expected
to know that there is the potential for portions of the transfer to be
routed through US systems, then I'm guessing that it could be construed
that they had the intent to commit a crime.

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