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This is an Architext Document: Read Carefully!

At 8:54 PM 11/8/95, Kevin S. Van Horn wrote:

>A small point of information.  I work for Architext, the company that provides
>the excite service.  We only keep the last two weeks of USENET news around,
>and don't keep any archives going further back than that.  USENET is just too
>damn huge for us to go to the trouble of keeping comprehensive archives around
>without good evidence of demand for it among our target audience.

Small world. "Architext" is also the hypertext program I use to cross-index
many articles. I'm surprised the new company, also called "Architext,"
picked a name which will increase confusion.

("Architext," BrainPower, Inc., Agoura Hills, CA.)

No Cypherpunks relevance, except to show how name collisions can occur.

--Tim May

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