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Re: DejaNews all over again

[email protected] wrote:
> Afterall, Netscape (and AT&T) have had, over THREE WEEKS to work on this
> problem or to make some form of public comment, and have done nothing, but
> put some of their programmers -- unofficially ... speaking for myself ...
> not speaking for the Company -- programmers on this list

  I was posting here before your supposed "flaw" was posted.  I have never
been told that I should or should not participate on this list by anyone
at netscape.

> Meanwhile people are having their PGP keyrings collected, their passwords
> monitorred, and all of the information -- even information which they have
> NOT posted to Usenet, information that is simply on their personal hard
> drives, or on a private corporate network that is behind a firewall --
> collected by anyone who actualy understands *how* to use Netscape
> Navigator's standard features to do it.

  Please show us some proof.  All you have done is post unfounded allegations
backed up by flawed logic and a misunderstanding of the technology.  Send me
a URL, and I will point my navigator at it.  If you can collect my PGP key ring
you can gloat here or anywhere else.


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