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Re: PGP Comment feature weakens remailer security

Raph Levien writes:
> > I think you are fine if the odds of corrupting the message are less than 
> > the odds of getting hit by a a falling meteor while running the program. 
> > In general there is little point in making any one part of the system 
> > many orders of magnitude more reliable than any other part.
> I agree entirely. That's why my PGP key at school is 382 bits. It's a
> lot easier to compromise my machine than factor a 382 bit number.

On the other hand, it costs nothing by most people's standards to use
a 1024 bit key, so why not use one? I find that there is only a point
in using low security for anything in particular when there is a
perceivable cost to it -- if the cost is typing a different number
while doing key generation, I don't see why one should suffer the