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checksums for Netscape Navigator 2.0 Beta 2


  This file contains checksums for the Netscape Navigator 2.0 Beta 2
distribution files that are available on the Netscape ftp
site under the directory ftp://ftp.netscape.com/2.0beta/.  This file
has been digitally signed using PGP to assure its authenticity.  The
version of PGP which was used to create the digital signature
on this document was obtained from http://bs.mit.edu:8001/pgp-form.html/.

  This file was signed using my personal PGP key.  My PGP public key, which
can be used to verify the signature on this file, can be obtained from
my web page using this URL:


or by searching for '[email protected]' from the PGP key server at mit:


  There are three sets of checksums in this file.  The first set of
checksums uses MD5 to create 128-bit checksums that can not be forged.
The second and third sets of checksums were generated using the two
forms of the unix 'sum' command.  The 'sum' command creates a 16-bit
checksum, which can be used detect accidental corruption during download,
but is too small to protect you from malicious tampering.

  There are two version of the checksums for the unix 'sum' command because
unix vendors follow two different standards.  I have labeled the
checksums with the systems that they are good for.  If you are performing
the checksum operation on a unix system that is not listed, check both
lists and make sure that one matches.  Note that some Sun systems have
both versions of the sum command, so the results you get will depend
on your shell PATH variable.



These MD5 checksums were generated with the 'md5sum' program from the PGP2.6.2
distribution, which was obtained from http://bs.mit.edu:8001/pgp-form.html/.

f4624a2afa4fbab3b91df62a9c9ebe71  unix/netscape-v20b2-export.alpha-dec-osf2.0.tar.Z
0039da76358854a8dbf81297f8695aa4  unix/netscape-v20b2-export.hppa1.1-hp-hpux.tar.Z
cbf1b480f74cd0f3545184f441670a81  unix/netscape-v20b2-export.i386-unknown-bsd.tar.Z
b5e27641d344cafb15711ccabd02aa62  unix/netscape-v20b2-export.i486-unknown-linux.tar.Z
cb22244b63c4b1f0a484a10a2bed3059  unix/netscape-v20b2-export.mips-sgi-irix5.2.tar.Z
160a862a2628a80dd68a9cccccb1a938  unix/netscape-v20b2-export.rs6000-ibm-aix3.2.tar.Z
2b90a96e95f28867b62d037df4e98c9d  unix/netscape-v20b2-export.sparc-sun-solaris2.3.tar.Z
4352513f5672c7292bf2d47a2bb61ecd  unix/netscape-v20b2-export.sparc-sun-solaris2.4.tar.Z
faaebbbc60565fbe9ab6d36b22dfc375  unix/netscape-v20b2-export.sparc-sun-sunos4.1.3_U1.tar.Z
d6641fbd95fcf5b27b5f07766f688f3a  mac/netscape-2.0b2.hqx
00949f13e3b663dbe8cce6da3be2c39a  windows/n1620b2a.exe
06c3e13f81bc3086c3a49b4268718d2a  windows/n32e20b2.exe


These checksums were generated using the Unix 'sum' command.  These checksums
are for the form of the sum command that is on Sun, SGI IRIX and HPUX systems.

61292 4184 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.alpha-dec-osf2.0.tar.Z
1449 6837 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.hppa1.1-hp-hpux.tar.Z
18430 4342 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.i386-unknown-bsd.tar.Z
36543 4298 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.i486-unknown-linux.tar.Z
39565 4718 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.mips-sgi-irix5.2.tar.Z
37161 3554 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.rs6000-ibm-aix3.2.tar.Z
49003 5273 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.sparc-sun-solaris2.3.tar.Z
2638 3733 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.sparc-sun-solaris2.4.tar.Z
7356 10974 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.sparc-sun-sunos4.1.3_U1.tar.Z
26809 5065 mac/netscape-2.0b2.hqx
26811 4017 windows/n1620b2a.exe
59280 5512 windows/n32e20b2.exe


These checksums were generated using the Unix 'sum' command.  These checksums
are for the form of the sum command that is on Sun, DEC OSF/1, AIX, BSDI, and
Linux systems.

62443  2092 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.alpha-dec-osf2.0.tar.Z
61292  3419 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.hppa1.1-hp-hpux.tar.Z
61270  2171 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.i386-unknown-bsd.tar.Z
06430  2149 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.i486-unknown-linux.tar.Z
23707  2359 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.mips-sgi-irix5.2.tar.Z
36711  1777 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.rs6000-ibm-aix3.2.tar.Z
60075  2637 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.sparc-sun-solaris2.3.tar.Z
22223  1867 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.sparc-sun-solaris2.4.tar.Z
13909  5487 unix/netscape-v20b2-export.sparc-sun-sunos4.1.3_U1.tar.Z
16389  2533 mac/netscape-2.0b2.hqx
38581  2009 windows/n1620b2a.exe
58788  2756 windows/n32e20b2.exe

Version: 2.6.2

Jeff Weinstein - Electronic Munitions Specialist
Netscape Communication Corporation
[email protected] - http://home.netscape.com/people/jsw
Any opinions expressed above are mine.