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Market Value of Web Pages

At 6:51 PM 11/9/95, Bill Frantz wrote:

>BTW - I don't think we should be talking about a penny/page cost because it
>is way too high for the current market.  For example, my copy of Applied
>Cryptography V2 cost about $.067/page AND came with the media to keep it
>"forever".  My (used) copy of Snow Crash cost closer to a penny/page and
>also came with the media.  I would think that somewhere between 1/100 to
>1/10 of a penny/page is closer to the current market value of the page

With all due respect to Bill--his mention of agorics tells me he knows
something about computational ecologies and markets--, there is no
reasonable way to say what price is "closer to the current market value of
the page content," except by what the market will bear!

Yes, a paperback novel is a penny a page or so. But a 5-page consultant's
report that sells for $2000 has a "market value" to someone of $400 a page.
You can all think of all kinds of other examples.

Closer to home, a copy of "Penthouse" which sells for $5 and which has
perhaps 10 photographs of "interest" to someone can be said to roughly have
a value of $.50 per Web page of equivalent material. "Penthouse" and
"Playboy," to name just two examples, have "members only" Web pages, and
they are apparently doing OK financially. (Other "members only" Web pages
may also be doing well....it is _these_ Web pages that provide an example
of paid access in contrast to the some other examples, where even a
fraction of a cent per page is too much.)

Personally, I've yet to pay for a Web page. Too much "free" stuff, too much
stuff coming out of the firehose. (And a lot of JPEGs from the "members
only" page are being "liberated" and posted--often through remailers--to
the alt.binaries.pictures.* "free" newsgroups, or placed on other Web

I expect this to someday change, and to pay for some things at a fraction
of a cent per hit, some other things for a few cents a hit, and maybe even
some things at dollars per hit.

--Tim May

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