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SPAM:E-CA$H Conference SF 11/16-17


I will be speaking at a conference on Electronic Money
that might interest some of you sitting on some extra rEeal Money
who also suffer from the burning desire to find out what 
ideas and technology other folks are flogging on the talk-circuit.

The brochure is too long to type in but some excerpts follow:

      10 key questions to be answered at this 
       critical industry event:
       10.  What are the biggest avenues to entry into the world
            of electronic commerce?
        9.  Who will be the biggest users of electronic money?
        8.  Who should be allowed to issue E-cash?
        7.  How will debit and checking fit in with the electronic
            money future?
        6.  How do you balance privacy, security, and efficiency in 
            E-cash systems?
        5.  How can electronic commerce be used for a business
        4.  How will the government regulate E-cash?
        3.  How will electronic payment systems protect against
        2.  What infrastructure is needed to provide security
            on open networks?
        1.  What are the leading technologies that will be used for 


Ernest Brickell
Bankers Trust Electronic Commerce

Richard K. Crone
Center for Electronic Banking, KPMG Peat Marwick


John Doggett
Bank of Boston

Peter Gemmel
Sandia National Laboratories

Gail Grant
Open Market

Edward Hogan
MasterCard International

Randy Kahn
First Interstate of California

Michael Killen
Killen and Associates

Steve Kimmey
Tandem Computers

Paul Lambert
Barnett Banks

Ron Laurie
McCutchen, Doyle, Brown and Enersen

Scott Loftesness
First Data Corporation

Greg McKenzie
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

B. Clifford Neuman
University of Southern California

Deborah Owen
Arent Fox Kinter Plotkin and Kahn

Daniel Schutzer
Financial Services Technology Consortium

Bill Washburn

Magdalena Yesil

Sponsor: IBC USA Conferences

Date:  November 16 - 17

Venue: Pan Pacific Hotel
       500 Post Street
       San Francisco

EMAIL: questions or registrations
       [email protected]

Phone: 508.481.6400 ext 282 (Sherry)