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Re: Who needs time vaults anyway?

At 01:15 PM 11/11/95 -0800, Simon Spero <[email protected]> wrote:
>As for real time-release - how about just using conventional encryption, 
>and require it to be brute-forced?  ..... Moore's law .....

Moore's law is really unpredictable - you can't be sure if the rate of
increase will go up or down, which could affect brute-force time by a
factor of 1000 pretty easily, especially if it suddenly becomes convenient
to do something your crypto-algorithm happens to use.

Also, there's a cost problem - a large brute-force project which requires
N years to crack either needs to be ferociously expensive, or else it's
easy for somebody to put a bunch of machines together to crack it faster.
For anything that requires that level of paranoia, Moore's law probably makes
the timing too unpredictable.

It probably makes a lot more sense to just do contractual solutions,
with secret-sharing protocols to minimize the effects of cheating,
bankrupt service providers, and accidents.
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