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Re: Market Value of Web Pages

	The point is that Microsoft Word doesn't have an 'encrypt'
button in the 'save' dialog.  This means that almost nothng gets
encrypted.  The NSA likes this, and keeps the ITARs around.

	(Someone might point out that this is why Colonel Bat Guano's
laptop had military secrets on it in plaintext when stolen out of his
car in the gulf war.)


Mark wrote:

| Off topic:
| Personally I dont see the relevance of ITAR and crypto any more. When was the
| last time any one was prosecuted under its statutes? What is the point of
| banning exportation of software which is widely available outside the US
| anyway? It's idiocy. Any foreign power or cartel wanting secure comms is not

"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."