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Re: Password File Utility Wanted [Win95, ha ha]

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In article <[email protected]>, [email protected]
(Terry Harrison) wrote:

>I would like to obtain a program to address the following.....
>I use the 'remember password' option on my network logins, and then
>when they expire, I don't remember what they were.  This is bad as I
>need them to change the old password (particularly a problem with
>Netware).  What I would like is a utility that would prompt me for my
>current windows ID for security, then decode the .pwl files so that I
>could read my old passwords.  Ideally, it would allow an edit of the
>existing passwords as well.  Anybody seen onea these??

Such a thing could exist, because Win95 allows you to save passwords that
use different encryption methods. Microsoft would say "no, doesn't exist,"
however, because this is a major security flaw. I haven't seen such a
tool, though. Anybody?

What you should do is get a real encryption package like PGP (poke
around on http://web.mit.edu/ or http://www.netresponse.com/zldf/, it's
free), use something that is long and complicated but that you will never
ever forget as your PGP passphrase, and encrypt a text file containing
all of your passwords with PGP. You can put other stuff like all your
credit card numbers in a PGP-encrypted file with reasonable safety too.
You (only) will be able to decrypt and read this file whenever you want.

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rich graves, [email protected]
moderator of the win95netbugs list