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Offshore Assets Reconciliation using PGP


are being offered by a Bahamian company, Offshore Assets
Reconciliation, Ltd.  As predicted by *SI*, the computer
encryption technique called PGP would result in commercial
services providing electronic transactions that are
indecipherable by any government agency.  OAR is in Nassau, and
can execute PGP instructions to move cash from bank or brokerage
accounts to bank, attorney, or escrow accounts.  It is equipped
to function throughout the Carribbean and in 20 international
financial centers such as Isle of Man, Bermuda, Cook Islands, and
Vanuatu.  For more information contact OAR at phone: (809) 356-
2039, fax: (809) 356-2095, e-mail: [email protected] 
OAR is the first of many such services to come.

*Strategic Investment*, November 15, 1995

SI is published by Agora, Inc., 824 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore
MD  21202-4799