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Re: 4096 bit strong prime for Diffle-Hellman

On Tue, 14 Nov 1995, Eric Young wrote:
> Even if the private DH values are pre-calculated, this will only halve the
> time of the DH operation and if this is done it looses the advantage of DH
> in that if the private/public pair are 'generated on the fly',
> pre-recorded session will not be able to be decoded if the private key is

Urk, that reads very badly what I ment is that since a different
public/private key is used per session, if a private key is revealed, any
previous and future comunication between the 2 entities is not
compromised, only the particular session using that public/private key pair.
Also since the key pair is generated on the fly, they don't need to be 
recorded on disk etc, so they only way to get the private key is to 
'hack' the application at runtime (or modify it in advance).

eric (who is have a bad day converting his thoughts to english...).