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   11-14-95. Washrag:

   "FBI Targets Expected Growth In Computer Crime."

      The FBI is beefing up its fight against computer crime.
      A Washington office, which handles international cases,
      was established in 1993. The San Francisco office will
      keep a close eye on activities in Silicon Valley, while
      the New York squad will handle financial-related
      computer crimes.

   "Postal Service Planning to Sell Prepaid Telephone Cards."

      Because the phone cards are "stored value cards," they
      could offer the Postal Service a logical first step
      toward the use of a "smart card" that might be used in
      connection with an information kiosk the agency is
      developing for the federal government to provide the
      public with a computer link to the federal bureaucracy.
      Long-range plans for the kiosk call for use of smart
      cards that would enable people to receive government
      payments, such as welfare benefits or checks for food

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