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Re: NSA, ITAR, NCSA and plug-in hooks.

Simon Spero writes:
>The interesting question is how narrow the interface has to be before it 
>becomes in violation of the ITAR. Is the key question whether the "holes" 
>are specifically designed for the insertion of cryptographic materials, 
>or is it the fact that they could be used to support cryptographic 

If the ban *is* due to Category XIII (b) (5), the wording would
indicate that the "hole" must be "specifically designed or modified" to
support crypto.  One that was specifically designed to support some
sort of block compression library should be exempt under that
paragraph, even if someone else were to write and distribute a crypto
library with an identical interface.

'Course, IANAL, and the interpreters of the ITAR don't really seem to
care what it *says*, anyway.