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world smartcards..

Anyone know what kind of encryption they will be using...

HP builds security for smartcard shopping
Hewlett-Packard is bidding for US government approval for a
worldwide cryptographic framework, which is being to provide a
security for a joint smartcard project with Gemplus and

The three companies plan to develop a secure personal
information card system, with which businesses can deliver
services including Internet-based transactions to consumers.
The encrypted cards will carry several thousand times the
amount of data on current smartcards and will (pending US
export approvals) be usable anywhere in the world.

HP is providing server, encryption, middleware and networking
technologies. Gemplus will provide advanced smart-card tech-
nology. Database and middleware technologies will come from
Informix. The alliance was launched at Telecom 95.

HP's proposed non-user-accessible cryptography is the first
element in an international open cryptography framework, with
which it hopes to deliver security technology compliant with
US export regulations.