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CSE gets flak on TV

For those who care, the Communications Security Establishment has been
getting some flak for spying on Mex. during NAFTA talks and on Korea to
help us sell Can. nuke reactors:
(This rather mirrors the trouble their sister agency, the NSA, has been 
getting into)
(sorry the online newscasts were rather vague)
                        CP LOGO CANADIAN NEWS DIGEST 
   Tuesday, Nov. 14
   Electronic snooping part of the game
   OTTAWA (CP)--Intelligence experts say it's no big secret that Canada's
   high-tech spy agency snoops on friendly countries for financial gain. 
   Increasingly, intelligence agencies around the world are using their
   antennas, computers and codebreakers to gather economic information,
   Wesley Wark, a University of Toronto history professor, said Monday.
   Some of Canada's largest trading partners--including the United
   States, France and Japan--comb the airwaves for useful information, so
   Canada would be foolish not to join the game, said Wark. 
   Canada's secretive Communications Security Establishment--an arm of
   the Defence Department--collects and analyses communications traffic
   on the activities of foreign states, corporations and people.
   Jane Shorten, a former CSE employee, told CTV News in an interview
   Sunday the agency spied on Canada's allies and trading
   partners--including Mexico and South Korea--by eavesdropping on
   embassies, consulates and diplomats.

                                 HEADLINE NEWS
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Date: Tue-14-Nov-1995, Time: 13:00

   mexico and south korea are angry about reports that canada spied on
   them. the mexican government has filed a diplomatic note expressing
   its suprise and concern, and south korea has launched an inquiry. a
   former intelligence agent, jane shorten, says she spied on both
   countries, as well as japan, when she was with the communications
   security establishment. she says the c-s-e shifted its focus after the
   cold war from spying on the russians to spying on allies to get trade
   secrets. prime minister chretien says the organization is supposed to
   operate within the law. chretien says the c-s-e doesn't report to him
   on a daily basis, so he doesn't know if it was spying on anyone.