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WebSTAR security challenge. Make $10,000 breaking in a site.

>From TidBITS:

**$10,000 Internet Security Challenge** -- I wrote about the
  WebMaster Macintosh security challenge back in TidBITS-295_ and,
  as expected, no one was able to break WebSTAR's security and claim
  the prize of free passes to the WebEdge conference. Now the stakes
  have increased. Seven companies - StarNine, EveryWare, Maxum,
  ComVista Internet Solutions, WebEdge, Digital Forest, and Westwind
  Computing - have joined forces to offer a more lucrative prize of
  $10,000. The new challenge is similar: you must break WebSTAR's
  security to find information that's isn't available to the public
  and report it by midnight on 30-Nov-95. Check out the rest of the
  details online if you are interested. [ACE]


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