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Re: NSA, ITAR, NCSA and plug-in hooks.

:    It kind of sickens us that we had to do it, but so be it. 
:    Patches that re-implement the PEM code may be available at a foreign
:    site soon. If it does show up, we'll point to it - that can't be
:    illegal! 

I see no reason why they should not be as ``illegal'' as the
crypto-with-a-hole sillyness.  Pointing to software is a pretty
effective way of disclosing it, and disclosing cryptographic
software--apparently including holes--to foreign persons without a
license is a violation of the ITAR.

Of course, the ITAR itself is illegal as it applies to cryptographic
software, but I agree that one does not want to be the defendant in a
criminal case based on those unconstitutional provisions.

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