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e$: Financial Cryptography for Dogs, pt. 2. OpenDoc Kitchen, anyone?

As a result of my temporary notoriety as OpenDoc Futurist(tm) ;-), I've
heard about something called an OpenDoc Kitchen, which is a periodic hack
fest put on by Apple for developers of OpenDoc parts where code is actually

My understanding is that this will be held at Apple, in Cupertino, in early

They are especially interested in anyone from Digicash who would like to
make a digital cash OpenDoc component for Cyberdog, because I've been
ranting to them about this picture in my head of someone dragging digital
cash icons onto a register icon in a web browser to pay for a purchase.  I
expect that *any* digital cash part, even some kind of bashing of the
current Mac ecash client into an OpenDoc part, would be cool by them as a
first start.

In addition, it seems to me that we may be close enough with MacPGP 3.0 to
play with it at the component level, but maybe not...

If you're interested, e-mail me, and I'll put you in touch with the right
people.  Now, the invitations have already been sent and RSVP'd on this, so
we'd be coming in through the back door. Obviously, we're looking to put
the best foot forward, as they are just about to the point of believing my
mantra of "digital commerce *is* financial cryptography".

I'm hoping to go, if there's something to do. I couldn't code my way out of
a paper bag, but like the immortal Chauncey Gardener, "I like to watch."

Bob Hettinga

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