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Re: credit card conventional wisdom

> the point of my post was that I AGREE. the only issue is that we should
> make internet security as superior as possible regardless of the security
> of credit cards in the real world. I was attacking the line of thought
> that goes, "credit card security is already marginal, therefore why 
> should anyone try to improve it in cyberspace"? this is circular
> reasoning. "why should anyone try to make something more secure when
> it is already insecure?"

	Precisely.  It reminds me of a talk given by Dr. John McQuilan
(I think it was at one of his High Performance Networks Conferences) where
he said that the big administrative headache for high speed networks vs.
low speed networks was simply the speed with which you could get in 
trouble.....  The analogy holds quite true in physical credit cards vs.
net credit....

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