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Re: Java & Netscape security (reply to misc. postings)

> The best thing to do if you want to implement your own
> intra-corporation security model in the short run is to get a copy of
> the beta source code, and take a look at AppletSecurity.java and
> AppletClassLoader.java.  You can substitute your own versions of those
> for your inhouse use.  This is relatively easy to do with the
> appletviewer, and although it's possible to do some binary hack on
> moz2_0.car and replace certain files with your own, it's probably not
> everyone's cup of tea.  I mean, there's a difference between what you
> can do, and what you want to do ... I understand that!

The real question here I had was.. can this be done in Netscape..
I know it can be done in HotJava.