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Cornell Cracks Down on Private E-MAIL...

Responding to msg by [email protected] (Peter Wayner) on 
Fri, 17 Nov  9:47 AM


   The New York Times, November 17, 1995, p. B8. 

   Penalties Decided in E-Mail at Cornell

   Cornell University has reached agreement with four students
   on punishment for a widely distributed E-mail message they
   wrote listing "75 reasons why women should not have freedom
   of speech." The university rejected harsh penalties like
   suspension because the students did not engage in sexual
   harassment, university officials said yesterday.

   The university had investigated complaints of sexual
   harassment and misuse of computer resources after the
   message made its way on the Internet last month, angering
   thousands of computer users who sent angry responses to the
   four students. The message included the lines, "If she
   can't speak, she can't cry rape" and, "Of course, if she
   can't speak, she can't say no."

   The university said the students had agreed to attend a
   program dealing with date and acquaintance rape, and would
   perform 50 hours of community service.


   There was a somewhat longer NYT article a day or two ago;
   anybody want it, send your PIN_kie.