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Re: e$: Come aaaannnndddd Get it!

>> 	I will as soon as someone comes up with a _fully_ private digital
>> cash system and starts using it for something. As I understand it, Chaum's
>> ecash system is not one (i.e., non-privacy to the sender and of amounts
to the
>> bank). If I'm incorrect, please tell me and I'll set up an account with MTB
>> immediately (if there's a text-based interface).
>	ecash provides full payor anonymity. Payee anonymity is
>currently not possible, but that is being worked on. 
>	If you used ecash to pay for a c2.org account, neither I nor
>the bank would be able to trace the payment into the c2.org account to
>an actual account at mark twain bank.
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If you've been following my idea, "assassination politics," you know that
there is an excellent use for payee-anonymous digital cash.  

It seems to me that this should be possible, within limits, if the potential
payee could generate a "blinded" note to be delivered to the payer by
anonymous means.  The payer could get the note certified by the bank,
possibly given an extra "blind" if necessary  (is this possible? Desirable?
Why not?) and then the resulting still-blinded but certified note is posted
(in encrypted form, I supposed) to the 'net so that only the payee can
decrypt and unblind it.