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Re: ZD Net Update v.1 #2

At 5:11 PM 11/18/95, ZD Net / World Wide Web Edition wrote:
>__________________________________ZD Net Update_______________________________
>v. 1 #2                                                               11-13-95
>Welcome to ZD Net Update, the free E-mail newsletter created especially for
>registered users of Ziff-Davis Interactive's ZD Net/World Wide Web edition.
>ZD Net Update is a bi-weekly bulletin that alerts you to new and exciting
>developments on ZD Net.

(rest of long newsletter deleted....)

Ah, someone has once again subscribed the Cypherpunks list to a newsletter.

Will the person who did this please have the decency to reverse this
situation? (There are instructions at the end, but the syntax of the
"unsubscribe" command may imply that only the site from which the subscribe
was initiated can unsub. Whomoever subscribed us can unsub us.)

Do I have to point out that just a single one of these long newsletters
takes up more list bandwidth the most of the putatively "off-topic" posts

--Tim May

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