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Re: CANADIAN PRESS REPORTS (was Re: CSE gets flak on TV)

Alice here (the real one) ...

On Sat, 18 Nov 1995, Perry E. Metzger wrote:

> I hope everyone realizes that Detweiler is probably arguing with
> himself, three levels deep. I must admit that the levels he stoops to
> in order to draw attention to himself are pathetic. Why don't you just
> stick to posting as Vlad Nurzi? Its more dignified.

Deitweiler certainly is getting around ... but I'm beginning to have
my doubts whether it is Deitweiler who is spoofing me.  

And Deitweiler might be Vlad Nurzi or whoever, but it seems that
whoever is spoofing me -- whether it is Detweiler or not -- is privy
to certain "facts" ... verifiable facts ... some of which are very

And its not just whatever news is breaking over the wire.

[email protected] writes:
> > 
> > Here is the TRUE unedited story for the list which Deitweiler felt he
> > had to TWIST to the nth degree.  His attempt at making mountains out
> > of mole hills will not succeed with this one.
> This story truly is a non-starter.  Big deal.  It really has no
> relevance to this international list.  This is simply a Canadian matter.

I take this last comment back.  It was premature.  I think that this
is in fact very relevant to this list.  And it's not just a Canadian

My little spoofing-shadow, Mr. Mystery-Writer, seems to not only have
a juvenile sense of humour, but seems to have a handle on some pretty
sensitive information.  

His information isn't limited to how Canada was able to outbid the 
United States on a wheat deal with China, but his information 
encompassess matters of an order of greater significance, especially
when Mr. Mystery-Writer wrote: 

> And that's the fleshed out version of the story.
> I'm just sorry that our Prime Minister is in such a bad position because 
> of the timing of this "Jane Shorten's" revelations.  She also revealed 
> that Canada spied on Japan.
> To think ... Canadian Prime Minister Chretien is a guest of the Japanese
> people today.  Talk about some awkward moments.  I mean, what on earth do
> you talk about?? 
> George Bush and Sushi??

Whoever it was who wrote this, they took a real swipe at a former
President of the United States.  This is very, very serious.  Joking
about Japanese / American relations is very black humour and is one
thing, but taking an open swipe at a former American President is
grossly inappropriate and was completely another, I thought.

But, ironically, Mr. Mystery-Writer had incredible foreshadowing

> Let's see ... over the last couple of days, we've had one provincial
> Premier resign over "BingoGate" -- kickbacks from bingo games, another
> premier is under some pretty heavy fire for some insider trading in a
> company he promoted in Hong Kong, (actually his wife got stock she never
> had to pay for), while Canada in conjunction with the normally very
> neutral Swiss have frozen accounts pertaining to about $20 million or so
> in kickbacks from Airbus Industries to a "senior Canadian politician".
> And all these stories ... coincidentally ... broke back to back.

This to me was the kicker ... especially in light of news which just
broke tonight.  Mr. Mystery-Writer was trying to throw a clue.
And boy, what a clue it was.

It wasn't the former President of the United States that he was
speaking of ... it was the former Prime Minister of Canada.

It was reported today that former Canadian Prime Minister Brian
Mulroney has launched a $50 Million pre-emptive lawsuit against the
Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Department of Justice
for their possible future allegation or possible future charge of
taking kickbacks from Airbus Industries while the former Prime
Minister held public office.

This is one heck of a newsflash ... especially considering the
co-operation of the normally secretive and discreet authorities in

Can you imagine if former President George Bush had in fact launched a
$50 Million pre-emptive lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of
Investigation and the Department of Justice, because they were
investigating him for something??  

Or if George Bush tried to stop a news story through libel chill?

My shadow was right (even if he did announce before the wires, did),
Canadian politicians are beginning to drop like flies.  

Let the "Jane Shorten" Film-Fest begin.  Can you pass the popcorn?

Alice de 'nonymous ...

                                  ...just another one of those...

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