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.Sig Heilarchy


>Logically, a pseudonym is simply a public key.  However you may want
>to give it a human-readable name so other people may more easily refer 
>to it.  If you decide to do this, I suggest that you do not name the key 
>on its first post because there is a high probability that you will decide 
>to disgard the key.  If you name it and throw it away, then you have
>unnecessarily cluttered up the limited name space.
> - a new entity, as yet unnamed

"Cluttering up the namespace" is a growing problem. Fortunately, the InterNIC has taken on the important task of registering pseudonyms, and will coordinate the issuance of new pseudonyms with the Postal Service.

[The issuance of these items is temporarily on hold due to the Government Shutdown (tm).]

The fee for this will likely be quite reasonable, in the $300/year range, consistent with SAIC's plans for other emerging markets.

The InterNIC also sees great promise in collecting fees for .sig blocks, tentatively priced at $10 per line per year. As SAIC Chairman Bobby Ray Inman points out, this is the easiest way to control the proliferation of long .sig blocks.

--Klaus! von Future Prime, a Sanctioned Pseudonym

[.sig removed by order of the InterNIC .Sig Heilarchy until Herr von Future Prime sends us his past due amount]