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Real-life example of why National ID cards won't work

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#Date: Fri, 17 Nov 95 16:18:55 PST
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SNS News Service  "Interior Ministry Scandal"
November 19, 1995..26 Cheshvan  5756..Number 755..Update from 
Israel ...

Following a report released by Yediot Achronot Newspaper, Interior 
Minister (Labor) Ehud Barak has ordered an immediate investigation 
into allegations of wrong-doing by senior Ministry officials.

The report states that falsified ID cards and other Ministry permits 
are being sold to Arabs. Among those mentioned in the newspaper 
story is Chaim Ben-Atar, the Director of the Ministry's East 
Jerusalem Office, a Member of Knesset, and past members of the 
Mossad and GSS (Shin Bet). 

The Yediot report also alleges that Police officials silenced 
investigations over the past two years (that may have prevented 
terrorist attacks) for the fear of revealing names of top officials 
involved in the Ministry false documentation scam. The 
investigations involved senior officers in the IDF Civil Administration, 
 IDF officers, senior Ministry of the Interior officials and officials in 
the Jerusalem Municipality.  

Some of the allegations:
1) In the East Jerusalem Branch of the Ministry of the Interior, 
Arabs that are not entitled by law may still receive ID cards, travel 
permits to Jordan, and other official documentation in return for 
cash payments or "favors". 

2) Senior officials in the security service of the State have abused 
their connections with the east and west Jerusalem Ministry Offices, 
and have offered permits to travel abroad in return for cash 
payments. The permits were given to Arabs that would not be able 
to obtain them legally. 

3) Interior Ministry workers have received favors and cash payments 
from Arab and Jewish agents in return for issuing travel documents, 
ID cards and passports.

4) Chaim Ben-Atar, the Director of the East Jerusalem Interior 
Ministry Registration Office has provided five Arab residents of 
Gaza with ID cards stating they live in East Jerusalem. 

5)  Ben-Atar also employed an Arab woman during a four-year 
period whose brother is a "religious fanatic activist in East 
Jerusalem". The Arab woman who assisted Ben-Atar has access to 
highly classified information.  She was released from her position 
one year ago for "personal reasons."

6) During an investigation into wrong-doing by the past head of the 
Allenby Bridge crossing, information pointing to wrong-doing by 
other senior IDF officers and Jerusalem Municipality workers was 
uncovered as well. The Ministry chose not to pursue the 
investigation against them.  The cases against them were silenced 
by Interior Ministry officials.  (Yediot Achronot ..11/19..Page 5).