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JIBC Annoucement

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Thu, 9 Nov 1995 12:11:10 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: JIBC Annoucement


Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce

The goal of this publication is to inform executives, professionals,
entrepreneurs, government employees and other key players on principal
developments and trends in the rapidly evolving electronic commerce area all
over the World.  This free online Journal is a way to keep in touch, to
share information, and to establish business contacts (networking) in the
area of electronic commerce and banking on the Internet.

Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce (JIBC) is primarily devoted to
important announcements, original articles, guest columns, significant
feature presentations from other publications, as well as survey, reviews,
and letters to the editor.  Technical discussions that belong to several
other specialized lists will be kept to the absolute minimum.

Our Journal will be issued no more often than two or three times a week,
limiting material to the absolute minimum.  We are definitely looking for
quality, not quantity.  Needless to say, we will be editing filtering and,
where possible, summarizing, to provide our busy readers only with
substantial information. 

Join this site and learn the trends in electronic commerce.  We promise not
to get too" techie". Not too many fights but lots of good discussion.  We
will need your articles , your letters, your contributions and 

The Journal is maintained and published courtesy of ARRAY Developments of
Ottawa, Canada (http//www.ARRAYdev.com/).  The Publisher, Nahum Goldmann may
be reached at:
  [email protected]  
Or you can reach the editor and moderator, Gord Jenkins of JENKINS AND
ASSOCIATES INC with any questions, comments or insights at:
  [email protected] (http//www.infop.com/karoma), Tel. 613-723-1581, 
  FAX 613-723-8938.

Please note that the mailing address for subscribe/unsubscribe is 
 [email protected] 
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Please send any questions on its maintenance to the list owner :
  <[email protected]>.
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opinions expressed on the list. 
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