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Re: ecash as pgp

> 	Secondly, from what I can tell, it's like PGP. To integrate it
> into other software you have to do all sorts of nasty output
> parsing. why the hell can't it just produce nice, terse, informative,
> UNIX-like output?

This will change with PGP 3.  There is a very nice, easy API for PGP 3
which I have been working on for over the last month.  In fact, the
main processing code is done.  After Tranksgiving I will be working on
an API document which explains the design and implementation of the

IMHO, the API is REALLY EASY to use -- I have a PGP encryption program
which has all of the main functionality of PGP w.r.t. creating messages,
and the program is only 250 lines of commented C code.

The current work is far from complete, but it is getting close!  It
should make integrating PGP into other programs very simple -- just
link against libpgp.a. :)