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Cypherpunks in Sydney (Australia) Meeting


I mentioned some time ago that if there was
sufficient interest I'd organise a Sydney
Cypherpunks get-together. It was supposed to be
in mid-November :-(, but you can't have

In the absence of consultation with anyone, I've
booked a small suburban chinese restaurant for the
venue. This seems in keeping with other
cypherpunks meetings (not that I've ever been to

Date:   Wednesday December 6th.
Time:   7:00pm
Place:  Mee Ton Restaurant
        139 Concord Road

The restaurant is easy to get to, only 20 minutes
by car from the city and easy to park.  If
driving out from the city along Paramatta Road,
you just have to be careful not to turn onto the
freeway. Concord Road is *second* and crosses
back over the freeway. The restaurant is about
400 metres north of Paramatta Road, on the
eastern side. It's also only a short walk from
North Strathfield station. If enough people are
using Public transport I can organise a pickup
from (the main) Strathfield station (a little
more convenient in terms of frequency of

I'm anticipating maybe ten-fifteen people. They
have a nice, light banquet menu for $12 per head,
everything included except alcohol.

RSVP, please, by Friday the 1st, and tell me whether
you are interested in a PGP key signing at the
same time.

I will post this to aus.org.auug, sage-au-nsw,
sci.crypt. Any other suggestions appreciated, and
don't hesitate to pass around the details.

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