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Re: Spam the Sign!

> Hm. Well, if you think spamming us will help convince the gov't to export
> strong crypto, go crazy. (Heck, I don't mind--it makes my job more secure.)
> And yes, we HAVE enjoyed the message "Strong Crypto NOW" that's been
> scrolling for the last 3 hours.
> Corey Bridges
> Security Scribe
> Netscape Communications Corporation
> 415-528-2978
I'm not sure what NWBR's point is, but the original thread he's quoting
was about making the 'evaluation' copies available with 128bit RC4 to
U.S. users.  Jeff Weinstein said that he thought that this was a good idea,
and would see about making it available via an export-controlled ftp
server "once we get government approval".  I was involved in that thread,
since as a Linux user, I can't buy a supported copy, and therefore can't
take advantage of the strong crypto features of the Navigator.

So I would guess that he's spamming YOU to convince YOU to make strong
crypto available.

And as far as needing government approval, I noticed that Sameer has an
export controlled ftp server at c2.org.  Maybe he could tell us what is
necessary to setup such an animal. 

Jeff Simmons                           [email protected]