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Re: "Dear Newt" Letter...

Hmm, not sure that it gets us anywhere. The Republicans seem to be even
more keen on wiretap and anti-privacy legislation than the Democrats.
Its called "being tough on crime".

After the airplane seat incident I don't see Newt in the running for 
President so it probably misses the mark. He might slip in a rider on
a bill but if you look at who gets that sort of treatment it correlates
very well with donations, silicon valley seems to be backing Clinton
walet wise.

I would not expect Bob Dole to be resisting pressure from the NSA on this
one more forcefully than Clinton (which let us be clear ain't very
forcefully at all).

I thought the quality of writing rather poor, the points are made in 
polemic, partisan terms which can be made in non-partisan terms. If I
were Newt this letter would say to me "we will vote for you anyway", so
why should Newt bother to pander? The ad hoc ginger groups listed are
a bit odd, the authors are associated with much better known (if
fruitcake) groups.