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Re: "Junk E-Mail"

[email protected] said:

a> On Mon, 20 Nov 1995 [email protected] wrote:
>> I think it would be better to slap a RICO suit onto the company
>> concerned. It sound to me like an attempt to gain financial advantage
>> through threatening behaviour. Where I come from that means jail
>> time.

a> RICO is very serious stuff.  Criminal prosecution under the terms of
a> the Racketeer-Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act is reserved for
a> very serious situations indeed.  It's true "rubber hose" stuff.

a> It was intended as a tool for use against mobsters, but US attorneys
a> have used it against white-collar criminals.  I think, you'd have to
a> have strong evidence of an ongoing "criminal enterprise", which I
a> don't think you have with junk e-mail.

	Actually, they've started using it against vicious
reversed-black-collar (and non-collared) criminals for daring to
exercise their right under the first amendment to peacably protest.

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