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Re: Are there enough FBI agents to handle Digital Telephony?????

At 4:05 PM 11/21/95, Peter Wayner wrote:
>Has anyone ever done the math on the FBI's new wire tapping
>proposals and determined whether they'll have enough agents to
>do all of the listening? Doesn't a court ordered wire tap
>require that people listen in and screen the recordings. Does
>this have to be in real time? I can't remember, but I think
>there is a fairly onerous evidentiary chain required to use this

The manpower shortage can be solved by moving the listening step offshore,
perhaps to one of the Carribbean islands that processes credit card slips.

Even cheaper would be to subcontract out the listening to the relatively
impoverished, but well-educated and English-trained, former Soviet bloc
nations. For example, Romania or Bulgaria, or even Russia. They may still
have the old listening infrastructure in place, although I hear that Stasi
headquarters in the former DDR is now an acupuncture clinic.

--Tim May

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