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[NOISE] Interesting statement by Alameda County DA

Responding to msg by [email protected] (Ian Goldberg) 
on Tue, 21 Nov  1:50 PM

>One of the speakers was Don Ingraham, Assistant 
>District Attorney,  Alameda County.  In responding to a 
>question from the audience, he said:
>"You're making a distinction between criminals and big 
>    That is not my experience."

   Assistant Devil's Angel Ingraham cites two out of three,
   the other is the omnipresent public safety racket -- his
   temp job in train to future peace by salubrious punishment
   of the other two overtense sinners.

   Often, a backlasher rep in one leads to a pretend-
   thrasher slot in the others. RICO, for instance, is an
   ingenious selective-caning law for flyswatting one
   conspirator by another but to not go so far as to bruise
   flesh and foreclose franchises for prosecutorial

   This ancient soft-drubbing by one of the others is meant to
   conceal their common-origin ritual of corporeal writhings,
   manipulations, strokings, caresses and digitizers to debase
   from upright to bent to kneeling to prone succeeding down
   ladder, applying lubricants, linguants, unguents, balms, 
   dental whiteners and body hair to head, to rest six under.

   Criminal, financial, legal -- indistinguishable from any
   other mortality-salving levitationism.

   -- From The One Outback Truth.

>   "Hey, Ian _said_ it was noise."