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Re: PGP in Canada


<fearing the wrath of the cpunks, but deciding that it's better to get this
`sorted out' than keep on being wrong>

Please take all of the following as being mystatements of
what I think, not statements of absolute truth. [That is,
call the CEC yourself.]

It is legal for a Canadian citizen to import PGP into Canada
under Canadian law. It is legal to use either the international
or yanqui versions in Canada--software patents don't apply [I
don't think].

It is legal for an American to give pgp to an American citizen,
a permanent legal resident alien of the United States, or to a
Canadian citizen, providing the receiver is in Canada or the
United States.

It is *illegal* for a Canadian to export pgp anywhere except the
U.S., if the pgp came from the U.S. and no substantial changes
have been made to it.

For more docs, see
[yes, I know, it hasn't changed in a while, and there's some stuff
missing [such as the Area Control List], but the most important
thing on that web page is the information about who to ask: there's
an office in Halifax]

My recommendation: get the international version of PGP. [Unless, of
course, the above statements are wrong, in which case my reasoning
in favour of the international version are faulty.]


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